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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pantaleon - Confusion in Er'cana

Er'cana is a unique age that appears like it was used to produce something for the D'ni; for example, there is a huge machine at this end of the canyon that appears to be some sort of harvesting device. Then there are gigantic mill stones and also what appear to be huge mixers. It might be used for processing grain or produce?

When I went exploring in a nearby cavern I found something quite astonishing. There is a new and vastly different journey cloth here, however, its not like the ones from the prior ages. It is a Shell Symbol and it matches the symbol Yeesha showed me when I completed her journey at the Cleft.

There is an issue though. I can't seem to find out where to go in this age. Even with a closer inspection at the machines I can't seem to find out what is being created or what this new path is designated for? Is there a correlation between this path and Yeesha's?

Not knowing how long I had been in Er'cana I checked my KI for the time. I spent more time than expected I have another meeting about the on-going search for Adelia in Kirel.


I just finished the meeting in Kirel.  It was relieving to finally talk to other human beings.  I forgot how easy it is to immerse yourself in d'ni and lose yourself in a crowd. I managed to tell a few explorers that the reason I had been absent was that I had been following Yeesha's journey because I believed it relevant to understanding what happened to Adelia. Unfortunately, during my absence both Esto and MidnightSun have been missing as well. At first I thought perhaps they had gone to the surface, but their absence has been longer than expected.  I fear something may have happened to them.

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