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Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't drink the lake water

I would just like to remind everyone that comes to the cavern: Do Not Drink the Lake Water.  I have seen far too many explorers of late acting under the influence.  That said, I hope we can all keep this in mind and let the lake water run its course.

I've found myself performing frequently in Ae'gura and I'm not the only one.  Griz plays guitar and sings on a regular basis.  Every now and then we have a newcomer share their talents as well.  For example, a few nights ago Sofia shared her wonderful voice with everyone in the cavern.  I look forward to seeing who else comes to share their gifts as well.  Everyone really seems to enjoy it.  It seems to bring people together.

On a related note.  Last night, during one of our sessions we were approached by a woman named Christine who has asked us to participate in a concert at the D'ni Musicological Research Bevin.  She mentioned that the concert would be streamed in such a manner that those in the cavern and those outside would be able to take part.  This seems like a great opportunity.  I wouldn't miss it for the world.  I sent her an e-mail regarding the project so I guess now all we have to do is wait and prepare.  There really is no place like URU.


  1. Esto, you are the best man. It is great having you in the Cave, bringing your talents to us all.

    When I first pulled out my guitar and salt shaker in Ae'gura, I don't think I really imagined that I would meet a fiddle player, a bassoonist, a city bartender who remembers everyone's drink after their first order and on whom I have my manbrocrush! :-) I never thought I'd meet a shy rapper--at that, one with a spoon playing partner.

    And I never thought Christine would show up and explain that there is something bigger and better potentially for us as a group; I do not suggest that anything could be better, because that is a personal-to-each definition, but I do believe that if others have wanted more and more artistic expressing in URU, as opposed to more and more marker missions, and they have found a way to improve upon the audio and interaction, then I am going to support that 100%. Please keep us updated on whatever you find out. I plan to stop in to the D'ni Musicological Research Bevin in short order, and I promise to have TeamSpeak up and running for the get-togethers very, very soon.

    Thanks again for what you do, and for your enthusiasm. Without that, there is nothing!