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Friday, November 18, 2011

Gordie has had a bit of an itch lately.  It all started when I showed him a message that RAWA left on the board.
"For those who just care about Myst and Riven as stand-alone, immersive experiences, you can do that.... If, however, you want to dig deeper into the story behind those games, the novels are there.  If you want to dig even deeper, To D'ni, PreAfter, and Uru were/are there.  If you want to dig deeper still... study the history of New Mexico, brush up on your quantum mechanics, and grab a shovel."

Since sharing this message with him he's been wondering about the existence of the cavern.  I really just want to tell him it's all real and share my relto book with him but this is a journey he has to take on his own.  I'll help though...

N32 17.997, W104 16.448

Maybe I can convince Zandi to help. Even if he can't I'll leave the pieces myself.

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