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Monday, November 21, 2011

I wonder if I could find a ResEng...

Recent journeys to the pod ages have given me concern.  I fear the state of the pods may be degrading.  A recent trip to Dereno with Sophia led to a discovery of what I believe to be new cracks in the pod though the equipment in the pod seems to be functioning correctly.  To further my concerns, the state of Tetsonot worries me greatly.

Yesterday I traveled there with Dean and John Paul only to find the pod is flooded.  While I could find no source for the water (and yes I'm aware the pod is underwater) I believe this to the be source for other electrical issues present in the pod.  The lights have become increasingly erratic and at times I find myself wondering whether this pod is safe to be in.  That said, I will probably not be returning anytime soon unless I manage to acquire a wet vac or some other means to siphon the water from the pod.

On a semi related note, I have been making tweaks to my KI and hope to have an improved image capture method soon.  This is of particular interest to this blog, as obtaining a related image is often the limiting factor in my updates.  Recent experiments have proven promising.  Here's to better pictures!

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