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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I can already smell the cornbread

The holiday season is getting closer every day.  Already I am looking forward to visiting my family even though the thought has occurred to me that I could spend this time with my friends in D'ni.  It may seem strange but the people I have met in the cavern have become a sort of family for me too.  Whether I'm spending time in the D'ni Museum of Art with Miranna and Mireena, going on some sort of adventure with the folks in Jaruku's bevin, or hanging out in Ae'gura with Griz, Adelia, DaVinci, and Kim I always feel like I belong.  This cavern is truly a wonder; not just for the sights to be seen, but for the people I have met down there.  Don't get me wrong.  I am definitely going home for the holidays but I can't promise I won’t steal away for my Relto book and check up on everything is in The Deep.

I talked to Dean about the cavern yesterday.  He told me he wanted to travel Descent and find the ancient city without the use of his Relto.  I must say I've thought about doing the same several times before but Relto just makes things easier.  I no longer need to buy bus tickets to New Mexico and hike miles in the desert before coming to the Cleft; and that's just the topside journey.  While I've never traveled Descent I think if Dean ever decides to do so I will have to accompany him.  From what I remember the journey is a long one.  There should be a few eder tomahn along the way.  I'll have to check Sharper's office to see if there is a better map of the tunnels.  Mine is not very clear, especially when you take into account cave-ins and any other obstacles that are in the tunnels.

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