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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Semesters End...

The semester is wrapping up.  I probably could have worked harder this semester but I'm glad it's over.  That's enough surface talk though.  It's below that I keep returning to.  The song Adelia asked me to help with is coming along nicely.  With any luck it will be 'finished' pretty soon, depending on how determined I am to work up various instrumentations for it.  I'm pretty satisfied with it.  Lyrics were never my strong point but with lyrics to use as framework I think I've managed to come up with a decent piece of music.

John Paul returned to the cavern with me a few nights ago and we decided to explore Payiferen.  Still no sign of wildlife, though I'm sure it's there.  Dean's told me stories of creatures that come with the sandstorm.  I hope to catch sight of them soon.  As for Negilahn: I'm becoming less enthusiastic about leaving the pod.  Increasingly I find myself wary of the strange creatures within, and while fascinating, I think it may just be safer to stay inside the pod.

I believe there will be an All Guilds' Meeting this Saturday in Kirel.  I know I plan on attending.  While I may not be a guilds member, I believe the driving force of the cavern to be in The Guilds.  While the DRC definitely had their problems, the restoration of The Guilds was probably the best decision they could have made.  There are also rumors that a big announcement will be made so I won't miss it for the world.  I'll try to take a KI log of the whole event as I know several are interested but unable to attend.

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