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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Esto - And the Path Will Be Made Known

On Friday he brought me back to the Watcher's Sanctuary.  We climbed the stairs and I found myself wondering why are we here?  I followed MidnightSun into the alcove and turned my attention to the books on display.  I opened the Prologue book and read what the Watcher wrote.
On the six hundred and twenty fifth month of my life I was gazing upon the star of Ces in the sky of the age of Windring. And at the time of my birth the star began to brighten until it became brighter than the rings themselves. And with a sudden brilliance it turned the night into day. And I beheld the fire of the Maker. And he spoke to me. And the fire of the Maker left me, and I saw only blackness, because my eyes were blinded. But his words remained…

To the side I heard a sound.  I turned and saw MidnightSun standing next to the door of the Path of the Shell.  The door was open.  I don't know how he did it but he opened the door!  I've read journals of other explorers who took the Path of the Shell long before the second restoration attempt and the joining of Cate Alexander to the DRC, but from what I could find none were able to open door after the Great Scream.

Now I understand.  Now I know why he had me scouring over those lines day and night.  He beckoned me to move inside and closed the door once I was in.  The scale of this mechanism is staggering.  My KI flashes with a message.  "I'll be waiting outside until you finish."

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