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Friday, November 9, 2012

Midnightsun - Path to the Gathered

This morning I find myself relaxed in my perch on the rooftop of Takotah II.  Its a little funny to think I feel more accustomed to this roof than my room downstairs.  That room has become little more than a place to store things between my trips in and out of the cavern.  When I am in the city, this is where I spend my time.

Esto is growing weary with the work we've been doing.  I have been hesitant to move forward until he has a firm grasp on true meaning of just what it is we are studying.  I am still unsure but after the talk we had last night I feel he has enough understanding to decipher the puzzles that lie ahead.  My hope is that when the challenge rises he will know these texts by heart and use them as a guide through this journey.

Looking down, I see Esto walking toward the tent outside of Takotah II. “Pack a bag.  Today is the day”, I send him a KI message.  I watch as he stops to read it, then I see the grin and the bounce in his step as he enters Takotah II. That expression is one that all of us here in the cavern share.  The excitement at the prospect of a new adventure.

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