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Monday, November 5, 2012

Esto - The Passage of Time

Activity in the cavern has died down over the past week.  Pantaleon has left to complete Yeesha's journey.  I pray he finds the answers he seeks.  My own studies on Words has yielded little more than strange shapes in my dreams and yet MidnightSun assures me the reasons will become clear; perhaps sooner than expected.  After pressing him, he finally said we would be visiting The Watcher's Sanctuary.  For what purpose I do not know for we have long since made our own copies of Words for study.

Over the last few days I have been contacted by a few old explorer friends absent from the cavern.  Telling them of what has occurred has been difficult.  The news of Adelia's disappearance is quite upsetting.  Fortunately, the search parties have continued in Pantaleon's absence.  Expeditions to the far reaches of the cavern and various ages have been thorough.  I hope they find her soon.

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