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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Esto - Visions Untangled

I have returned.  Again.  This time to the cavern itself.  I linked into darkness and soon I found my KI flashing.  A message from MidnightSun:
"It should all be clear now. You've been freed from the path of the stone."
He's right. The visions that tormented me before are unclouded and their revelation is clear. What's more, I know this revelation is not without reason. Something is wrong. The Triple Shell journey is more dangerous than I thought. It was not placed by Yeesha but by another; for what purpose I do not know. Two words. Names. Something runs through my head: Venalash and T'chuvahk. Their meaning and their purpose are unknown to me. Judging by the coordinates on my KI I think believe I’m in Descent, or at least some part of the long tunnel. Normally I would simply relto out, but the linking panel of my relto book is blank. Must be a result of the star fissure. I'll either have to find another way back to D'ni or wait until my relto works again.

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