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Monday, November 26, 2012

Pantaleon - Remark(able)

Concern.  That is what drove me to this point.  I felt it necessary to take my copy of Guildmaster Kadish's note to have it translated.  Unfortunately I have not dedicated enough time toward learning the D'ni language.

My best bet was to venture back into the city and ask other explorers for help.  That is when it struck me.  There are a multitude of explorers; all being...called.  Yeesha's calling.  Each of us are on different paths like branches connected to a great tree spreading outward and sharing our findings.  A new civilization born from a lost one.

After sometime I found an explorer that took a liking to the library. They were able to translate most of the writing, however; there were sections that had to guessed; nonetheless it reads approximately as follows:

I have met my end
My mortality overwhelms me.
I see its approach.
It is waiting and watching for my soul to depart.
Its acquisitions surpass my own.There are linking books here but I will not leave.
I have made my decision.I am here with all that I would desire.No one can take it from me.I will die here with them.This place is hidden and will remain hidden.If these words are found anyway, remember that I did not surrender!
I did not die with nothing!I died with everything.
Look, at all my possessions!
They belong to me and will be with me.
They belong to me and will be with me forever.
Guild Master Kadish

What a ghastly letter.  It reminds me how the  ancient Egyptian kings would be buried with their treasure.  Though not entirely the same as this was a choice that others of that time have not taken, however, it would appear Guildmaster Kadish had his final wish.  With Kadish's death it would appear the stench of corruption and greed has ended.  Now, I will return the pillars and then discover how the D'ni civilization collapsed.

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