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Friday, November 30, 2012

Pantaleon - Change of Heart. Change of Plans.

It has been a long journey across these ages and now I feel as though the knowledge of D'ni History itself alone is holding me back as noted by Kadish's final remarks in his letter. Esto had previously mentioned that Catherine left behind Journals that were recovered by the DRC that defined the centerpiece of struggle before and after D'ni fell.

So, once again I ventured throughout the D'ni city streets asking anyone who passed by if they knew where I could find the information I sought. The new D'ni explorers that I have had the pleasure of meeting are kind like everyone is focused on rebuilding  even if it is not in a materialistic way. My bearings were re-directed toward the Guild of Greeters which is an easily accessible neighborhood. From there I was led to the classroom where I began studying the History of D'ni.

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