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Monday, November 12, 2012

Pantaleon - Final Thoughts: Eder Kemo and Eder Gira

Needless to say, Eder Kemo and Eder Gira are beautiful but this beauty hides secrets.  Terrible secrets.

There are peculiar petroglyphs on the walls of the garden age.  Few of these make logical sense.  One resembles Gahreesen and one looks like Teledahn. Though this one strikes me most of all.

I have heard Yeesha speak of 'The Least' who could link.  Enslaved.  There is a crying eye symbol branded upon these figures.  Perhaps these symbols alude to 'The Least?'  The Bahro.

Under King Shomat's reign, this and many other garden ages were created.  Of these ages, the King had the best garden in D'ni.  None could compare.  When the King discovered there was another species occupying his garden age he had his brothers dispose of them in exchange for their own garden age. Looking to overthrow the King they did not finish their task and Shomat had a Prison Age book made for them.
Upon the brother's linking into the false garden age, he burned it, thus disposing of his own brothers. Greed, corruption, and power; this is what is lying beneath these lustrous waterfalls and vibrant plants. To annihilate a whole race for occupancy without diplomacy! Such atrocity befalls these wondrous ages.

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