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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Esto - Clarity: Part 1

During my Star Fissure vision I saw the depth of the Great Tree.  I felt the possibilities pass through me. That brief moment of prescience had left me with two words; one of which had incited the changes last night. The farther I get from that moment of prescience everything I saw and felt becomes more obscured; however, even in that moment I wasn’t clear of the meaning of these words.  MidnightSun has showed me the chains and suddenly I understand the meaning of the second word: T’chuvahk.

“I understand the story on these walls.”  I remember  a look crossed MidnightSun’s face; if only for an instant.  Did he expect this?  Just how much does he know?  I looked to Adelia and saw her searching for answers.  I gestured toward the symbols near Adelia “The Venalash and the T’chuvahk.”  I pointed at the symbols MidnightSun had shown me.

I explained as best I could what I experienced after I had walked the Path of the Shell; that for a moment I was connected to everything.  The two words I explained had been revealed to me in that moment, but their meaning had been shrouded.  Only now, seeing these glyphs; knowing what the two had told me was I able to understand.  “The Bahro are not the only race of linking people” I said.  “There was another.”

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