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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Esto - In the Morning

Today I was awoken by shouts.  Apparently MidnightSun had accused Adelia of being irresponsible in Ae'gura for leaving me unguarded.  I hadn't realized he would accuse Adelia of such a thing.  He was with me when she told her story.  He must have heard that her leaving was no choice of hers.  It could be he feels some sort of guilt for not being present when these events occurred.  Whatever the case it's not important now.

My mind goes back to the previous night.  The bahro were acting very strange.  MidnightSun and I had rushed back to see Adelia only to find the bahro blinking in and out of the blue cavern.  They were obviously upset about something.  Adelia asked what happened and I repeated what I had said to MidnightSun: “Venalash.”

Just as I repeated that strange word a bahro appeared in the center of the room; stood to full height; and gave a cry.  The glyphs on the wall began to glow and new symbols appeared over the heads of some of the figures.  The bahro hunched down on all fours and linked away leaving three of us to take in what we saw before us and the cavern.  MidnightSun turned and walked out.  Adelia kept repeating “I’ve seen him” staring transfixed at the bahroglyphs on the wall.

I can’t remember the last time I slept ‘outside.’  The weather here on Noloben has been a good deal warmer than D’ni. Comfortable, but still warmer than I’ve gotten used to.  The d’ni cavern has always been a home to me.  That fact has only increased since this past summer.  I haven’t seen my home on the surface in some time.  When this is all finished I’ll have to return there.  No need to worry about that yet.  I need to get everyone back to the cavern first.  I wasn’t able to get any answers last night.  Today it will be different.  I’ll need to head to the main cavern to get some answers.

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