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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Esto - Clarity: Part 2

I pointed to the strange beings beneath the chain symbol.  “The T’chuvahk had this same power and like the Bahro were enslaved.  Their fate was not so fortunate.”  I pointed back to the figures under the swords.  “The T’chuvahk were enslaved by the Venalash.”  I heard a bahro mutter behind me and soon realized there was a gathering behind me.  Certain I was on the right track I continued.

“The Bahro are free.  The T’chuvahk are no more.  From these images it seems the Venalash murdered every one of them.  For what purpose?  I don’t know.  Perhaps they tried to rebel.”  
Adelia looked back at the bahroglyps and reached out towards the Venalash symbol.  “This one.  Is he their leader?” she asked.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” I responded.  “It seems the Venalash culture is one of conquest.  These images of bubbles with cities within remind me of something I saw in a notice from RAWA.  When RAWA came to Noloben he did so by using a Take - a strange linking mechanism of Bahro origin.  These images resemble them.”

MidnightSun spoke up.  “Then that could mean these people used the powers of the T’chuvahk to pillage other ages.”

“You may be right” I said.

“And they’re in D’ni now?” asked Adelia.  I could tell she was starting to worry.

“No.”  It was a valid concern.  “I think if they were in the cavern people would have noticed.”

“Esto.”  MidnightSun spoke again.  “We’ve seen these Takes before.”

“In the Triple Shell journey.  I remember.”  He was right.

“I still don’t understand” said Adelia.  “If they’re not in the cavern then how did I see Him!”

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