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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pantaleon - Return to Er'cana: Part 2

We followed the tracks for a short ways until the track ended and there was a chasm in the canyon.

"Looks like this is a dead end. We should check the other direction. I believe that is where the harvesting machine is located when I came here before." I described.

"Sounds good, at least we can say we checked every pathway." Laroon mentioned enthusiastically.

We headed back along the path until we arrived at the collector. We climbed on the collector and drove it on the tracks inside the building. Below the collector we found a dark corridor which appeared to need repairs from the steam venting out of the pipes. I was glad I was not alone during this. We cautiously journeyed through the corridor and were relieved when we made it on the other side safely.

 To begin with we were lost even though I had visited here before. I never experimented with dials, knobs, or cranks due to the fact I could cause catastrophic results unknowingly  Neither of us were engineers or were capable of operating the equipment inside. Not to mention the downed bridges and other debris blocking our path from progressing deeper inside the harvesting building.

We worked together checking what each button did and its reaction and slowly figured our way through the mechanical maze.  Finally, we arrived at the furthest end of the building.  There we found what appeared to be an oven.  Laroon must have calibrated the machine while I was investigating the design because in after a short while he activated the machine and dusted off his hands saying "That should do the trick."  I was a a bit confused, but after some time, and a more detailed investigation of the other mechanisms I had passed, we were able to produce a series of what appeared to be pellets.  The purpose was unknown to me; as was why a linking book was within arm's reach.

“A Pellet?  Can we eat it?" I asked, confusedly

Laroon laughed.  I think I'd avoid using that method of testing for the time being.”  He walked up to the linking book and eyed me from the side.  "Now, it is odd that there is a linking book; not to mention the bahro stone.  Perhaps you should link with the pellet?" Laroon proposed.

"I don't see a DRC stamp on that book.  How do we know it's safe?"
Laroon shrugged.  "I'm sure it'll be fine."

I was surprised.  "But the buddy system?!"  Laroon closed his eyes in silent laughter; afterwards he kept gesturing for me to take the link.  I agreed to take the link.  Laroon said he would wait for me at the Ferry Terminal in Ae'gura.

Laroon waved me off before reltoing out.  "Good luck," he smirked.

I couldn't believe he was abandoning the buddy system but I grabbed a pellet, took a deep breath, and linked.

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