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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pantaleon - Ahnonay A Circulation Problem

We figured out a peculiar mechanic in Ahnonay but it caused more confusion for us. Something in Ahnonay changed which meant we had to alter our perspectives about this age. We made it to the maintenance section of this age and were baffled by everything we saw. Ahnonay took much experimentation, progression was slow and painful, and then we found a door. This was no ordinary door though, it was locked in time.

Laroon and I kept tinkering around Ahnonay. Hours and hours were poured into the age trying to figure the secret behind the door and what could possibly be on the other side. We racked our brains until we could think no more. We returned back to Tokotah II to recover and rest.

The next day we returned to Ahnonay. Refreshed and of sound mind. We tried something new & different upon the puzzle that stumped us. Everything we threw at it didn't cause the door to budge. Another day passed. We were exhausted of thinking and over thinking. On the third day our confidence had dwindled from a roaring fire to a flickering flame. Needlessly we pressed on spending most of our time thinking about what could be done instead of physically trying it. Failure loomed over us like a shadow and one we would not want to fall under indefinitely. To end the day we tried something we thought was clever but it too failed. We returned to Tokotah II again spending the whole night conceiving any possible solution. In the morning hours we finally slept due to exhaustion.

On the fourth day we were tired, weary, and unable to even to think correctly. Everything about this age was causing us to go insane. Did we finally find something too intricate to solve? Our flame of confidence was flickering out and soon we might lose the ability to even desire to continue exploring Ahnonay. We decided today we would delve through some more books and journals about Kadish and The Watcher and try again on the following day.

On the fifth day we had a little hope. We entered Ahnonay with a plan of aggressive testing. We ruled out everything we tried and documented the final possibilities. We tried something unique and new failed but we felt we were on the edge of an astounding discovery. We were running out of options and onto our last resort. It worked, the door opened.

Behind the door we found mechanism that took us across an area surrounded by waterfalls. The last journeycloth was also there. On a table rested a Bahro stone. We were relieved to have finished Ahnonay but decided to explore and experiment further. We found a gigantic statue of Guildmaster Kadish in a room. It was empty and damp, like a crypt. A statue that now represented everything of the ancient D'ni destructive ways.

"Laroon, we made it!" I exclaimed jumping for joy.

"Yes, we make a great team. At this rate I believe any challenging age could be explored with much success!" Laroon said.

"Indeed, now we must put these pieces together," I exclaimed.

"In time we will and maybe it will lead us to our missing friends." Laroon, explained.

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