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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Midnightsun - Recognition

My concerns are twofold.  The images on the walls are troubling and something isn't right about Adelia.  Her story is that a mysterious figure linked into the apartment.  Am I to believe that was a chance occurrence?  The bahro brought her here.  That should be enough to prove her story but something still seems strange.

The changes to the bahroglyps last night need more study.  Some symbols I recognize, some symbols hold no meaning for me, and some I have never seen before yet their meaning is clear and foreboding.  Adelia keeps staring at a single image.  Esto has arrived.

He speaks to her.  Does he know something I do not?  Where did that word he spoke yesterday come from?  What was it?  Venalash?

Adelia points to a figure on the wall.  "Thats him" she says.  “He’s the one who appeared in Takotah.”  The figure is surrounded by many other figures with what appear to be swords.  They stand over the bodies of other strange beings.  His figure is set apart by the symbol of two large curved blades over his head.

It's time.  I call Esto over and point to another of the new symbols.  This one is understood.  Slavery.  This symbol hovers over a group of strange figures.  Atop this image is the crying eye of the Bahro.  He understands.

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