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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Laroon - Return to Er’cana: Part I

     I packed up what few belongings I had and and tidied up his notes while waiting for Pantaleon to do the same. I always get this anxious feeling before linking to a new age. Er'cana was a new place for me. I had heard mild stories about it, but never actually had reason to go. Now, I had a purpose - to to find answers to the whereabouts of my fellow friends.

     We linked to the Watcher's hub and stopped a click fore we linked to Er'cana. Through the glass window that bubbled out from the nook with the linking books, I could see the tree looming in the darkness. I remember thinking hard about the secrets the tree held, and wondered if we'd ever find the answers we were looking for. We linked through.

     The sun shone brightly down from the clear blue sky. The air was chilled and crisp despite the sunlight. It was lovely in the sunshine, but I hardly felt comfortable in the shade. We walked along the sand rock floor through a canyon path.

     "What do you suppose those are for?" Pantaleon asked while we came to a clearing. He was pointing at some looming tracks of metal going off in the distance and around the bend of the canyon walls in either direction.

     I shrugged quickly. "Not a clue. Shall we head left or right?"


     "Mmkay." I picked up a flat rock and studied it for a moment on both sides. "Heads right?"


     I flipped it and it landed heads. Off we went, following the track.

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