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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pantaleon - Of Things Yet to Come

Back at the apartment in Tokotah II I have stored all the journals in the safe place . This was the only place that I could go back to and still remember everything clearly, as if they vanished yesterday. "This is all I have Laroon, its just pieces to puzzle that might not even connect but it is all I have to know that they are out there somewhere. Also, before they vanished they implied that I needed to complete Yeesha's Journey to understand them. Here.  You can take a look at these" I said handing Laroon a rather large pile of journals and books.

Laroon flipped through the pages and pages of the journals. "These journals are very interesting and bit confusing. What is up with the similar symbols throughout the Path of the Shell?"

"That, I have yet to discover but I feel like I am on the brink of finding out. Then there are the Words of the Watcher and my biggest unknown question: who this Grower person? Do you know anything about the Grower Laroon?"

"Unfortunately I have not heard about this Grower. But we can search for clues together. That way we can ensure no one else vanishes. Now what about this book?" Laroon mentioned while holding a linking book with a Triple Shell symbol on it.

"Ah! That book, I had nearly forgotten. I found that in the Vahmen district shortly before I met back up with MidnightSun. It was a rather memorable experience though because when I found that book the there was a pretty strong earthquake in the cavern. It was at that time Adelia sent me the KI message and I was unable to respond. It is something I still feel guilty and responsible about. I only wish I could have reached her before she vanished."

"That is terrible." Laroon said kindly. "Should we not use this linking book?" he inquired.

"No, I don't think it's safe. Esto took that journey and came back insane. There is no telling what dangers rest on the other side."

"Fair enough." Laroon said dishearteningly. "So, then is there anything I can possibly do to help? I am certain you should not go alone anymore. I am surprised we haven't lost you."

"Excellent plan, Laroon! Come explore Er'cana with me first then we can head to Ahnonay together." I said happily.

"Awesome! Now this sounds like an adventure I have been missing out on."

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