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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Laroon - Deciphering Kadish

"So you're telling me that Kadish was lying to everyone?" I stammered to Pantaleon. I couldn't believe that there was such foul play between such great figures in the D'ni community.

"Sure looks that way. I mean we saw what we saw, you know." We were back in Tokotah II, in the apartment, resting up from the long journey through Ahnonay.

"So why construct the age in different ways?"

"Well legend said that the Grower would be able to write impossible ages and travel through time. I guess he just wanted to be the leader of his people. Hold all the cards."

"Yeah but that's acting as a false prophet. Surely if anyone ever found out..."

"But they never did. The age has changed severely over the years. We were able to solve it due to a fluke in the system," he pursed his lips. "Kadish got away with it, Laroon. Plain and simple."

I paced the room for a few moments. "So what was his plan, then, if the Grower were to show up? I mean the real Grower would be able to write circles around this guy."

Pantaleon shook his head. "That's true, but we know that he didn't have to worry about that in his lifetime. He was the best that the D'ni had seen so far."

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