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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Esto - Homework...

The past week on the surface has been hectic to say the least.  Stack that with a resurgence of interest in various hobbies of mine has made if difficult to focus on my studies. Tonight I find myself sleepless in my Relto with an odd feeling in my stomach and a struggling clarity of mind despite a growing desire to sleep.  I may consider moving my work to Sharper's office as I'm running out of room here with a cot, a desk, and an increasing number of books - some in D'ni, some about D'ni, and some about Cell Biology.  No matter.  I'll relocate tomorrow.  The change of scenery will do me good.

Tonight I'll keep working on this passage.  It has me stumped as how to exactly describe it.  Realizing how delicate rehgehstoy is, I find myself slaving over issues like this again and again, despite knowing the ink and paper I'm using is regular.  It's the 'words' themselves.  They're too powerful - almost too specific; the slightest mistake could lead to a completely different age than intended - not to mention that it could be unstable.  I realize now why the D'ni rarely set out to write a specific age.  It’s difficult enough to describe a stable age without any inconsistencies.  I'm sure I will have to write many ages before I can write this dream into the pages.

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