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Monday, March 26, 2012

Esto - Last Night....

Last night I had a dream.  The sky grew dark and winds grew strong in the desert.  Yeesha appeared at the cleft and told us to close the doors.  The war had come.  The cries of the Bahro and the Nekisal grew loud outside and the winds continued to grow.

The sky cracked open and the rains fell, threatening to flood the cleft.  From a window of the cleft I could see the Bahro fighting in the sky.  Yeesha kept repeating her mantra: "destruction is coming."  Suddenly a person linked into the cleft wearing strange garb.  On his shoulder was a glowing stone with a hand, but different from Yeesha's journey.

The Bahro linked around Yeesha as if to protect her, but with a swipe of his hand this dark figure made them vanish.  As he grew nearer to Yeesha I found myself unable to move; try as I might I could not help.  I awoke with a cold sweat.  I know this was a dream, even so I'm going to have to sneak back to the cleft after classes today.  Just to be sure.

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