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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pantaleon - Relto

Esto and I ascended together.  During the climb he described D'ni culture, religion, guilds, and other noteworthy things.  Esto went in-depth into Linking and Rehgestoy, these concepts were still difficult to grasp but it was all in an attempt to explain the book I obtained - Relto.  By the time Esto was finished explaining everything we arrived at the Cleft.  He then handed me a vial of pitch-black ink; told me to be careful not lose it; and then placed the palm of his hand on his Relto and then vanished into thin air.

Being 50 miles from the nearest city of Carlsbad I felt stranded.  How could I return home from this place?  Am I expected to make the long hike to the nearest town?  I had no real choice in the matter.  The trek would have to be made on foot.  After walking for a short time, I heard a vehicle off in the distance, expecting it to be a figment of my imagination or mirage I kept walking.

The driver waved me down.  The driver, Jeff Zandi, mentioned that he had been away to get some supplies though normally he watches for any new travelers who hear The Call.  The best news of all was that he could take me to Carlsbad where I could then take a bus home!

We set out on our Journey.  I dared not look back at the Cleft.  There was a pain in knowing that the physical pathway to D’ni was broken.  Any person drawn to D'ni by The Call would not be able to take the path below the caldera - the link between surface and cavern.

Jeff explained how his father, Elias Zandi, died of a heart attack while funding and restoring D'ni through the DRF (D’ni Restoration Foundation).  His father believed those who felt the same need to explore, discover, and learn new things would be D'ni even if not by blood.  Jeff also explained that his father’s philosophical views of D'ni being that restoration should be primarily spiritual which fell into disagreements with the DRC nonetheless his contributions helped rebuild D’ni.  I felt sorry for Jeff.   He lost his father in a great historical undertaking.  I thanked Jeff and told I’d try to keep in touch.


Home at last!  I unpacked the ink, carefully, and started copying the symbols from the one book into the blank book.  I wondered what the symbols meant.  How did they function?  Why did I have to do this at home?  What would happen next?

I finished my task and then immediately called Esto.  My next task was quite simple: Link to the Relto while holding the copied book then place the book in the bookshelf.  We would meet in Bevin which I could reach from the only other book on the shelf.  From that point on I could visit D'ni on my time.


Linking.  It took some time to gather the courage to touch the image that lay before me.  I witnessed Esto vanishing into thin air, however, I still had trouble believing what I witnessed.  After placing both of the books in my pocket I was ready to link.  Then I touched the image.

I felt a small surge of electricity pass through my body.  Almost instantaneously my home surroundings vanished into a flowing whirlpool of time and space.  Stars and galaxies filled the void until eventually the image I touched on the page began forming from the chaos.  Swirls of vibrant colors consumed everything then ground lifted, the sky filled, and the world that I touched became reality in a matter of seconds.  I was transported to this island in the sky.  The ordeal left me gasping for breath with some minor nausea, nonetheless it was a truly exhilarating experience.

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