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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pantaleon - The Ki is Key

Once I was oriented with my new surroundings I began to get a feel for the area. This place was very strange.  An island in the clouds with a just single structure.  This is Relto.  Linking is truly a wondrous thing.  I cannot imagine the complexities of how it works or how these books are created so that a person can link through worlds.  I opened the book I had copied and saw within an image of my home.  A link back home! Absolutely amazing!

I was prepared for another link. I opened the doors and walked into the hut. I placed my link home on the bottom shelf; picked up the only other book on the shelf; and linked. Linking the second time was easier. The charge surged through my body and the image of Bevin expanded around me as I was wrapped around by stars and heavenly bodies until I found myself safely in Bevin.

There I met Esto. There was one last task before we could explore D'ni. I was to go to Gahreesen; there I could acquire a device known as a KI that could take photos, record notes, and allow me to contact and message people across different ages. Esto showed me the KI on his hand. Technology like that far surpasses anything I have known. After arriving in Gahreesen, it did not take me long to locate the machine. I placed my hand in the machine and moments later I had a KI of my own! I returned to Bevin. After my long wait I would finally be able to witness the civilization of D’ni!

Created by: Qlex

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