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Friday, March 23, 2012

Pantaleon - Discovery

       Last time I visited Asheville, my friend Esto, told me about a great archaeological find in New Mexico.  The thought of exploring an ancient civilization in New Mexico piqued my interest, so I decided to follow the recommendations for those who heard The Call: grab a shovel and dig.  For my journey, I brought my camera to help me document my findings in New Mexico.

        Upon my arrival in New Mexico the desert appeared desolate and uninhabitable.  After all, how could life thrive under such extreme circumstances?  The only clue Esto gave was seek out a cleft located beside a dormant volcano.  I began reviewing topographical maps in hopes of finding the location in question.  Unfortunately, this is New Mexico and there are many volcanoes scattered throughout the state.

Three weeks of hiking and camping passed as I journeyed to each volcano without any sight of the  “Cleft” Esto had mentioned.  To expand my search I asked the locals as I passed through.  Drifting from town to town with no results made the situations seem hopeless.  Eventually, I found myself in Carlsbad and stopped at a diner.  It was there, shortly after making my order that a photograph on the wall caught my attention.  I began to ask around if anyone knew where it was taken and was soon directed to an older man sitting a few tables down.  After speaking with him from some time about my journey he offered to take me there.  Relief at last, my journey would soon begin. Upon reaching the volcano I thanked the old man for his help.  In response, he said something, quickly.  I didn’t catch it.  I carefully hopped over the barbed-wire fence and began exploring.  Within minutes I found what I had been looking for.

        Unfortunately, upon reaching the cleft a storm that had been brewing in the distance came over very quickly; dark clouds moved across the evening sky; the winds, which had been a pleasant breeze, changed into a powerful gust; drops of water began falling and soon turned into a downpour.  My climb to investigate the volcano would have to be postponed.  I scrambled into the cleft.  It wouldn't be much of a place to lodge but hopefully it would provide adequate shelter from the storm.

I found that rooms had been carved out of the cleft wall where I could take refuge from the storm.  Once inside, I closed the door and found strange markings on the wall.  The symbols do not resemble any language I have ever studied.  I wonder what is their meaning and why are they located here in this Cleft?   These markings intrigue me and there is much in this structure to investigate.  It seems I’ll have time so long as the storm continues.  When the weather clears I will begin making preparations for my journey into the caldera.

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  1. Fantastic! Loving this... Looking forward to your next diary entry...