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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pantaleon - The Call

It has been an exhausting three days with little sleep through the storm but today the weather cleared.  I finally found a purpose for these symbols on the wall.  It appears they are related to this odd-looking device in the same room that has similar symbols, though not all of them correlate to the ones on the door.  I was able to readjust the symbols and then I activated the center console.  The result?  A hologram; something I have never witnessed before.

It is a hologram of someone named Yeesha.  Yeesha explained that the D'ni civilization had thrived for thousands of years and then suddenly died out.  Yeesha left a journey cloths through D’ni ages to teach people about the mistakes of the past.  She also described the D'ni civilization as having the power to create worlds?  I’m not sure what to make of this.  Surely it cannot be literal in meaning.  I will have to witness the D'ni civilization to better understand.

The storm caused substantial damage.  The walkways between the cleft are in poor condition; even the best ones are missing planks, however,  there are enough pathways to climb back to the top of the cleft.  In preparation to explore, I decided to gather some fresh spring water.  Trust me.  It is by far the best in the world.

I decided to do as Yeesha asked and locate the journey cloths in the desert.   The first time I found one I had no clue how to react to it.  After a few moments it seemed the palm of my hand was drawn like a magnet to its worn, ancient, fabric surface.  The Journey Cloth suddenly glowed a teal blue which shocked me as I initially perceived it as dangerous.  Eventually, I found all seven but I had to go back to the Cleft for water a few times due to the arid heat.

Then I went inside the tree.  Inside, I found the most amazing and peculiar book in my life - a book that contained a moving image.  Unsure of what to do I placed it in my backpack and returned to the surface.  It is time to inspect the caldera.

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  1. I am so enjoying this - brings URU back to life - thank you...